Rood Food is far from your average recipe. This kinky cake demands you get down and dirty, mixing together the perfect amount of camp humour, filthy undertones, phallic symbols and a whole lotta drag. Just like Aunt Betty after an evening on the red juice box, this event gets more bizarre as it unfolds. Enter a world like no other as we introduce you to pearl necklaces, gag balls, ASMR and unfathomable acts of indecency, there’s a reason this event has been deemed NSFW. Time Out notably described this showdown as an amuse-bouche of campy cross-dressing and dirty jokes with a graphic menu you cannot un-see.


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FEATURED IN:  Time Out, Concrete Playground, Nola Sydney









Menu Curation
Art Direction

Brand Identity
Food Festival



Group Executive Chef  |   Dave Clarke
Marketing Manager  
|   Matt Mario / Erin Carroll
Photography & Videography  |   Amy Mackay
Design  |   Amy Mackay